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This purpose of this website, as well as my sole intention for creating it, is to help fishermen and hunters get better at what they enjoy.  Being successful isn't always having the most expensive gear, it's having quality gear that you can count on.  My brother and I will do our best to provide unbiased and honest reviews to you, the reader, so that we can better educate you in making purchases.  We are not currently affiliated with any company, so the reviews that we post are actual products that we use.  We will also state whether or not we have been compensated or given free products when we write reviews.  Not all of the products reviewed may be the best fit for you.  It is your job to make a decision based on the information we provide using field testing and information on the company websites.  For a full list of all of our reviews, please click here.

We are always open to suggestions on new products to test and review.  If you are affiliated with a company and you think your product would be a good fit for what we do, please send inquiries to  

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