Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fly Tying- Week of 5/2/16

This week I decided to take on the "Stip-A-Bou" leech pattern as shown by Pat Cohen on his YouTube page.  I tied this pattern in black and olive with a double weed guard.

Material List-

Gamakatsu B10S #2
Black Maribou
Olive Maribou
Danville 210 black
Yellow painted dumbbell eyes
White/black grizzly rubber legs
Black over olive zonker strips.
Weed guard is 50# mono

Attach dumbbell eyes as shown.  This fly will ride hook point up.  Double weed guard attached as well.
 I apologize for skipping a few steps.  Full link to the video here:
Zonker strip, and black maribou started with rubber legs separating the two colors of maribou.

Starting to look more like something.

After tying in weed guards up front, leave some tip to melt down and press into the thread.  This will prevent slipping.

Last step is to trim the legs.  I leave them attached to make finishing the fly easier.

"Official" bath tub test.


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