Saturday, April 11, 2015

Apps I Use- Mossy Oak Hunting Weather App, powered by Scoutlook

-Description from iTunes
"The map-based weather, solunar and popular ScentCone wind tool that helps hunters decide where, when and how to hunt..."

For a free app, this one is very useful and it only requires an active email address to log in.  This app features the ScentCone wind tool which is useful for stand placement if you know the predominant wind on your hunting grounds.  You can also flip it around and it'll display the landing zone for waterfowl (called SetZone).  It is easy to mark locations on the map where your stands or blinds are, label that spot and have it for easy access info every time you open it up.  Additionally, it provides weather and radar- a useful tool if you hear thunder in the distance or if you need motivation to stay in bed and sleep in!  

The features I like and use the most are the sunrise and sunset times as well as the ScentCone.  It is important to know that the ScentCone/SetZone features are not guaranteed to be exact and wind continuously shifts.  It is a good idea to continuously check the wind in person if you sense the deer are smelling you or the birds are pitching in to another spot.  It is by no means a "fail-proof" option, just meant to be used as a guide.  


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