Monday, April 18, 2016

Fly Tying- Week of 4/18

With all the buzz of the Northeast having a big Cicada infestation in the next couple months, I decided to start tying some OPC Cicada bugs.  

Freshly carved cork.  Added the rubber legs and weed guards and attached to hook shank via super glue. 

Front view of the bug

Traced the outline of a tail against fly foam and cut to specs.  I had to do this a couple times to get the exact size and shape.  

Painted twice, two coats of epoxy and tied in the weed guards.  The weed guards are 50# mono so I can throw this in the junk where cicadas fall.

Backed up epoxy over weed guard tie-in and a little more paint.  

I'm going to be making slightly smaller sizes of these for the river.  These measure about 3" in length from hook eye to tail but they are bulky.  Best suited for ponds, lakes and reservoirs.  


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