Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring is Here

"October Lull versus "Late Winter Lull"

Spring is finally here in MD.  The weather is becoming more tolerable, the snow has been gone for more than a week now and the sun is warming up the waters.  With this transition, wildlife is staging for the next period.  Many outdoor enthusiasts refer to the October Lull in deer hunting as the slowest time of the season.  This is a period where the deer have moved away from their summer patterns but haven't quite started the rutting phase.  Deer sightings are often few and far between and bucks seem to go nocturnal.  The October Lull provides hunters with time to wander into the wetlands and shoot ducks or check trail cams to see if there are any newcomers before the rut takes off.  The Winter Lull doesn't provide many opportunities in the field, but does allow for an individual to focus on this years upcoming goals or food plot improvements.  It provides a time for me to relax, rejuvenate and prepare for whatever comes next.  Whether its chasing turkeys on a brisk spring morning with weapon in hand or dusting off the kayak to go after pre-spawn smallmouth bass, the upcoming season provides excitement and anticipation of a new year.

Both of these time periods provide a chance to focus on what you want to accomplish in the upcoming weeks or months.  Of course, you could also use it to knock off a few "honey-do" list items or spend quality time with family and friends before its time to disappear into the woods again.


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