Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Eastern Shore

Last night I drove down to the beach for a work trade show.  When I was growing up, I always remembered my dad saying that when he crossed the Bay Bridge, he could almost feel his heart rate go down and a feeling of calm would overwhelm him.  I travel across the bridge many times throughout the year either for work or play and I have to say, I get the same feeling.  Something about Maryland's Eastern Shore is just relaxing.  When I was younger it was probably due to the fact that I knew I was going to the beach for a week and I'd have the sand, sun, family and friends to keep me company.  Nowadays, vacation is only one reason to cross the bridge and it only happens once a summer.  The other reasons are for hunting, fishing or work...

Work...Crossing the Bay Bridge can be relaxing and exciting this time of year for many reasons.  It might start with the rafts of divers floating on the big Chesapeake still hanging around from the winter.  It might start with the boats on the water and the promise of warmer weather and water.  Driving along Route 50 provides lots of sights and allows the imagination to wander.  Shiny new center consoles stand alongside long abandoned crabbing vessels in the boat yards along the way.  Miles and miles of fields with plenty of views of deer and turkeys feeding at dusk.  Cruising along at 55 mph with minimal traffic, I saw over 100 turkeys in 5-6 different flocks along the way.  I look at farms and wonder what's going on at my lease and instantly become transported to a few weeks from now chasing turkeys at first light or to the fall with anticipation that a whitetail buck will make the wrong move within bow range.  I wonder what is lurking through the wood line staring at the does feeding in the field.  I wonder what stories could be told by those commercial fishermen and the abandoned fishing vessels.  All of this makes the travel away from my family a little bit easier.

Hunting/Fishing....If you're reading this blog, the paragraph above explains every reason why we as outdoor enthusiasts love driving to the other side of the bridge.

Wherever your mind takes you or whatever your reason for traveling is, enjoy your surroundings, enjoy the peace and quiet and allow your heart rate to settle while you breathe in the Eastern Shore air.


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  1. Well done Sean! Love the part about the bridge, I can relate to that calm feeling.